Cheap Scopes & Rings

I bought my cheap Bushnell scope today. The one I said I was going to get at Bi-Mart or Wal-Mart, I actually ended up getting at the Sportsman’s Warehouse for $119.99; $10.00 cheaper than Wal-Mart. I was there with my brother-in-law, VERMINATOR, who shows up here and writes something once in awhile when I beg.

So, I was like, “hey give me that cheap Bushnell 6-18x50mm scope for my .17HMR.” to the counter guy, and he’s like, “why, your not really going to use it for shooting are you? You know you can just tape a toilet paper roll to the top of your rifle and pretend you have a scope and it will work just as well.” (VERMINATOR is laughing at me and they are looking at some $10,000.00 scope for the VERMINATOR’s Air Soft Rifle….)

I hate gun snobs! It just gets worse.

I asked the guy behind the counter for a set of rings for the Bushnell scope so that I can mount it to my new, cool, .Savage .17 HMR. He asked me what kind I wanted and I said, “well Weavers will work, they are what’s on there now”. And he laughed at me again and said, “Yea, they would be. I guess if your going to buy a Bushnell Scope, you would also buy Weaver rings.” He then goes on to say how they are the cheapest rings on the market, but it won’t matter to me, cause I bought a Bushnell and ain’t going to hit anything anyway.

I am now angry. I like being cheap. Why the hell would I spend $500.00 for a so-so Leupold or Burris, or $1,200.00 for a nice ATN, Night Force or Leupold scope, when I’m putting it on a $200.00 rifle that is only good out to around 165 yards? I’m pretty sure that my cheap rifle and scope combination will do just fine shooting sage rats at 100 yards.

So, we are going to have a VERMINATOR vs. SquirrelSniper shoot off. The VERMINATOR’s new “whatever make and model” .17HMR from “some third world country” and a 4.5-14 Burris scope vs. my new Savage stainless and synthetic with the AccuTrigger and a new 6-18 x 50mm Bushnell scope and cheap weaver rings.

We are going to try 5 different boxes of .17HMR ammunition (I might sneak a .22 Magnum into the VERMINATOR’s rifle by accident.), we will take the “bullet speed measuring thingy” he has, some targets and a digital camera, and let you know what we find out about the .17HMR, Bushnell, Burris and cheap rings etc… when we’re done.

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  1. 53B says:

    I just don’t understand Gun Snobs. We’re all in it for the same thing. It’s not my fault I’m a better shot, and don’t need a $1200 scope on a $200 rifle.

  2. LOL, Yea! If your rifle only shoots to 165 yards, why buy a 1000 yard scope? Sh*t, at 165 yards, I could hit the squirrel with a 10/22 and open sites.


  3. squirrelhater says:

    Have any of you tried the low power Aquilla rounds? It seems like they have a crazy flight path and sighting them in only works for one range and not another. Any scopes out there that account for this? I use these rounds as they’re quite and I’m in a city.

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