God 2, Squirrels Zip

My wife called me the other morning, after I posted the “God Hates Squirrels too” post and told me that another squirrel was squashed flat on top of the other one. (A little overlapping.)

She’s like, Ohhhhhh, it was loving it’s mate.

I told her, “UH, NO! It was having a snack!” Which of course is disgusting but true, “Squirrels eat Squirrels”.

I’m not really sure why people don’t believe that squirrels eat each other; cause they do. When squirrel shooting, you can pop a squirrel out in the open, and then wait and shoot the squirrels that come to feed on it’s carcass. (Unless their just collecting it’s nuts… eweee. LOL)

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  1. Transplanted CO Pdog shooter says:

    This happens with Prarie dogs too. Between Saratoga and Encampment, WYO they have white tail pdogs. They’re a little smaller than the regular blacktails but very dumb and cannibalistic. You can go down the road and see lines of them squashed all over the roads. The little bastages will sit on the side of the road, dart out, and chew on the carcass of their buddies, completely oblivious to the truck bearing down on them and then they too get squashed. The road is almost slippery after a good summer day o’ tire huntin.

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