Hunting & Fishing Tomorrow

It’s a rough life, but someone has to laze around smoking, drinking, eating Twinkies and drinking beer while hunting and fishing. OK, I don’t drink when I’m hunting, but I’ve been knows to pop a top or two when it comes to fishing. In other words I’m a bad example of a human being, but who would you have point at, and tell your kids not to be like, if there weren’t people like me around.

The reason I bring up hunting and fishing is because that’s what I’m doing tomorrow. Earlier today I was sitting in front of my computer minding my own business, when God spoke to me.

No, really, he spoke to me. He said “You better go kill some squirrels tomorrow, the season is about over.” I looked at my calendar to see what I needed to do tomorrow, and the date leaped off the page at me and grabbed me by the throat. Holy crap, it’s almost the end of July, tomorrow might be too late.

The ground squirrels around here tend to start hibernating sometime around the end of July, if I’m not quick, I may not get any more this year. So, I called up this guy I know, who likes to shoot squirrels from time to time, and asked him if he was willing to go? He said “yea, but we better take our fishing poles.” (The fishing poles are just in case we don’t see any squirrel; parish the thought!)

I’m not sure about the fishing thing, even though I do like to fish. The problem is, I don’t feel like paying $60.00 or more for an Oregon fishing license when I’m only going to drown a couple of worms in the whole year. I could go to the store and pick up 10 pounds of Salmon for that kind of money, and I’ve never eaten 10 pounds of Salmon in my life, let alone a year.

So, I’m going squirrel hunting, maybe fishing, tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just shoot fish with my 17 hmr, that way I can tell the Game Warden I’m hunting, so I don’t need a fishing license. Do you think that will work, or am I going to wish I’d paid the $60.00?


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