Shooting Squirrels While Cougars & Wolves Watch

I love the government! No, really. (sarcasm) They are there to protect us from all the dangers that lurk in the dark and to tell us of the dangers before we can hurt ourselves. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve all seen it in action, the “Smoking Will Kill You” stickers, the “Don’t Dry Your Hair In The Tub” labels on electric hair dryers and other such crap. Why just the other day I saw a sign that said the road was “Slippery When Wet”. WOW, I didn’t know that.

But, there is another side to your friendly, “We Just Want To Protect You”, government. These are the losers that work for the Wildlife branches of government. Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about:

I grew up in Oregon and have been to Alaska, Canada, and every other Western state. I hunt and fish, camp in the woods and spent 3 years logging fresh out of high school. During that time, I’ve seen a ton of wildlife, including bear, dear, elk, coyote, raccoon, skunk and wolf. I added wolf in there because I saw one running down the road this year 6 miles outside Unity, Oregon. It was a big grey wolf and spent at least 10 seconds running 10 yards down the road in front of The Verminator’s truck, in which I was a passenger.

Now, I mentioned that I’ve seen coyote and bears, just so that you know, that I know, what they look like. Well, when I emailed the Oregon Department of Whatever, that is tracking the Grey Wolf migration from Idaho into Oregon, they said, “It must have been a coyote”. Did I mention that I’ve seen a coyote before? Lots of them? Well, I got pissed off, and called him, and told him I’ve lived here my whole life and wasn’t from New York. At that point, I finally got him to listen to me, but it was like pulling teeth and I never heard back from him or any of his fellow government employees.

On that note, I’ll lead into the reason I’m writing this, and that is because the same idiots who work for the Oregon State Department of Wolf Watching or Whatever, also work in Connecticut. Read this story posted by Bob Rich about how he saw a Cougar in the Roraback WMA of Connecticut, and talked to a guy who ran into a pack of coyotes the week before, but the idiot DEP biologist he talked to blew the whole thing off, even though the area is used by families with small children.

The reason I’m posting this is because, as squirrel hunters, we need to remember we aren’t the only “THINGS” hunting in the woods and fields. Just because you haven’t heard about the 22 mountain lions that live where you’re hunting, and your local government says there isn’t anything in the woods to be afraid of, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared for the wolves, mountain lions and bears before they decide to snack on you while your hunting. In other words, “BE PREPARED PEOPLE”, even if you think it’s not going to happen to you.


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