Sniper Squirrel Picture BY Mashby

Check out this Squirrel Sniper photo that Mashby of the Republicans built with Photoshop over at I should see if he will let me turn this into a free squirrel hunting target. It would be cool to practice shooting a squirrel that was shooting back at you.

Think how scary it would be to face a squirrel sniper at 100 yards if he had a Bushmaster .223 or maybe a .17hmr like I have. Both of those rifles shoot .5 to .75 MOA at 100 yards, and you are probably 200 times larger than a squirrel. Since I hardly ever miss a squirrel at under 100 yards, I can pretty much guarantee that this squirrel is going to get you every time. LOL

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have squirrel nightmares tonight… Pleasant dreams squirrel hunters.


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