Squirrels Are Just Fuzzy Rats, Right?

I was reading though the squirrel mail this morning and saw a post on a Wildlife Rehabilitation website about some poor squirrel that got shot with a shotgun and couldn’t be transported to their facility in time, so the local animal control officer who was called to the scene had to dispatch it. Whatever, I’m sure he was like “cool, I get to shoot something this morning”. The article then goes on to talk about how this is a life lesson and how we should learn by other’s mistakes and not shoot wildlife.

I’m all about learning from other’s mistakes, especially when it’s a hunting story, but all I get out of this is that you need to spend more time target practicing so you don’t miss. I mean, come on, who the heck misses with a shotgun? And if you do just wound it, don’t make it suffer, shoot it again and again and again until it’s dead. And, if you run out of ammunition, a shotgun makes a really good club. End of lesson.

But, I guess the biggest thing about the article that irritated me is that it looks like a “setup life lesson”. What I mean by that is that it reads like it’s staged. The article says the caller said he shot the squirrel with a shotgun, but when the animal control cop got there he confiscated the guys Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun. I didn’t know Daisy made Red Ryder Shotguns. LOL

So, if your going to go through the trouble of trying to make people feel bad about whacking a squirrel, who, in my opinion, is just a fuzzy rat, then at least write the fiction so that it makes sense in it’s facts. If you want to read the story before they correct the screw-ups, head on over to FlintCreekWildlife.org. While you’re there, don’t forget to post a comment.

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  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    I’m primarily a music performance major at Bemidji State University. My birth-family is rich in shooting heritage, including a grand-father who was rejected from the Olympics for winning $50 in a shooting contest, making him a “professional” shooter. After getting a .177 air rifle at 11, I origionally started hunting pigeon on our area farms with a friend. My g/f is watching me type and wishes that I put in that I love her, ;) . One month before my 13th b-day I started Firearms Safety courses and passed my field test one day after my b-day. While the family is usually pheasant hunters in Southern MN, I continually showed more talent with small bore rifles (.177 air / .22 Ruger 10/22) than clay pigeons and shotty. This included winning the .22 open-sight and closed-sight division MN 4-H state shoot with the same open sighted Ruger mentioned above. After a break in shooting, aside from the pheasant hunts each year with a scatter-gun, I’ve finally found a new passion in squirrel hunting. I’d never shot a high-powered rifle before my g/f’s father took me to sight in his guns for rifle season. This reminded me of the fun I used to have shooting my .22 . I had the option of driving 6hr to retrieve my Ruger, or buy another .22 for around the same amount of cash. Obviously I took the easy route and found a new Savage bolt action rifle. Opening weekend, after picking up 5 red squirrels and missing more due to long range, high-angle shooting, my g/f’s father said we should get someone with a scope in the field. I gladly obliged and am on a mission to become the next squirrell sniper. Well, sad to say, recently after our ok outing on the first couple weekends the weather has been terribly rainy and few squirrells have been showing their faces whilst we’ve been out. My g/f’s father says “Maybe they know something we don’t…. early and long winter perhaps?”. Sufficed to say, early today we saw snow falling. Looks like we’ll have to hope for some better weather. If there’s been a good squirrell season, it hasn’t been in Northern Minnesota. Feel free to let your buddies know, and keep up the good posts. I’ll be reading, and keeping you updated on my side. Finally got registered after weeks of reading your up-dated posts, lol. Hasta

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