Squirrels Are Starting To Move

According to a friend of mine, who was in North Powder, Oregon before the last snowfall a couple of weeks ago, the ground squirrels were up and running around on sunny days, even though it was still pretty cold. So, all you squirrel hunters out there in the Western United States need to start thinking about getting the guns out and sighted in.

On that note, remember that the Surprise Valley, California Ground Squirrel Roundup will be towards the end of March, which is only 4 weeks away, and the Unity, Oregon Sage Rat Shoot will be around the end of April. Check the Squirrel Shooting Forums for phone numbers, contact information and dates for these squirrel shooting events.

Break out your .17 HMR’s, .22 WMR’s, .223′s and 22-250′s people, the season’s almost here.

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