Vote For Best Squirrel Dog…

OK, some stuff just makes you laugh, especially when it’s first thing in the morning and has to do with wiener dogs. Frankie, over at VegPlot has a dilemma. The squirrels are eating his
Chestnuts, and his wife says she’ll divorce him if he gets a wiener dog, which Wikipedia says is the King of Squirrel Dogs. LOL

Of course, if you read the Wikipedia post, it looks like the wiener dog is actually the meat of choice.

Squirrels can often become prey to different dogs that have the speed and agility to catch them. Dachshunds are among some of these. Its light red or pink flesh has only a slight game taste.

So, Frankie is asking for other suggestions for a squirrel dog, instead of a, as he puts it, sausage dog…

My vote, of course, would be to make his wife chase the squirrels until she let him have his weenie dog. It’s hard to be depressed when you own something that’s so goofy looking that it makes you laugh just to look at it.

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  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    I’m wondering, does he want to have the dog just scare away the squirrels? I know from personal experience that I can not hunt squirrel in my girl friends’ fathers’ back yard because the dog barks at everything, so none are ever around. The dog in the back yard is a huskie/german sheppard/yellow lab mix. I’m guessing any dog that barks a lot would do the trick though. I guess the deer he hunts in his back yard are less scared of this dog?! Don’t ask me how that works! If he wants to actually hunt with the dog, I’ve always preferred springer spaniels. They don’t run out of energy until the days end, and can jump over most obstacles in the woods. Anyhow, I’ve been collecting food from squirrel hot spots and putting them in his back yard to see if we could attract more, so I wouldn’t have to drive so far to hunt. Well, all we’ve ended up with is a large pile of squirrel food untouched…

  2. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Oh, by the way, I have created my own squirrel web-site. I’ll keep coming back to read your awesome articles, but feel free to come join!
    I know it’s just a lame yahoo group, but I figured I’d start posting articles of my own. By the way, you’re my number one link to squirrel info, so I figured I’d link you, hope you don’t mind.

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