Cannibalistic Ground Squirrels
(Or Chumming For Squirrels)

I forgot to mention something really freaky and gross about freaking Sage Rats. When you shoot them, they gather around and start eating their freshly slaughtered kin, or they drag them down into their burrows for a snack at a later date. Eeeewwww!

The fact that they eat each other after you shoot them makes shooting more of them easier; both psychologically and shootilogically. (whoohoo, I just made up a new word.)

Shootilogically, if you pop a squirrel away from a hole, and “The Others” come to feed, it makes it easy to start piling up squirrel bodies in one spot. Then, as more bodies start piling up, more of “The Others” start showing up to feed, thereby causing a squirrel chain reaction of death. As a matter of fact, once you’ve shot a squirrel out in the open, you’ve become a squirrel chummer. (Whoohoo, another linguistic creation by SquirrelSniper.)


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