Calling Squirrels?
(“Here Squirrel, Here Boy!”)

Since, according to the guys down South, I don’t know squat about real squirrel hunting, I decided to wander the net and see what I could find. And, I did find a couple of things that most people won’t find very interesting, but that I’m going to post here anyway because I can.

First of all, I always thought my brother-in-law, WannaBee, was an Idiot for trying to call squirrels. Now, don’t get me wrong, he may still be an Idiot, but I found out today that the people down South actually do call squirrels when hunting, so it may work for him too…. Who knows.

I was reading an article in the Central Kentucky News Journal by Phil Junker that said that their squirrel season starts on Saturday, August 18, 2007. In the article, Phil mentioned visiting with Knight and Hale, who make squirrel calls… Who would have thunk that…..

  • Number one, that someone in Kentucky can write.
  • Two, that Kentucky has enough people who can read to need a newspaper.
  • And finally, that you can make a living making something called the “Squirrel Magic Calling Kit“. Here’s a link to if you want to buy one.
  • PS. Leave me alone, I was just kidding about the Kentucky thing! If you can read this, and you’re from Kentucky, please don’t write me and tell me you hate me. I already get enough hate mail from PETA.

OK, I just found the one interesting thing, which means I lied, sorry. If this makes you mad, please refer to the above paragraph.


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