JrSquirrelHunting.com Hmmm…

My son, JrSquirrelSniper, who just turned 7 years old, has been bugging the crap out of me for the last couple of months to buy him his own domain. He wanted jrshootingsquirrels.com or shootingsquirrelsjr.com, so that he could post video of himself shooting squirrels in the backyard with his rubber band gun.

OK, he really has hit squirrels with his rubber band gun, so I owe him his due on that score. But, since he can’t really write yet, who’s going to end up putting the content on the site? Who do you think is going to have to sit behind the camera, waiting for him to sneak close enough to a squirrel to hit it with a rubber band? Hmmm? Do you think it will be Me? Yea, that’s what I think too.

He really likes the videos that the Verminator, Wanna Bee and I come back with when we go squirrel hunting, but how long do you think he is going to be OK with just hitting them with a rubber band? I figure it’s going to take about a month before he wants to get an airsoft sniper rifle or have me get his Daisy Easy Rider out of the gun safe so that he can whack squirrels for real. At that point we will be back to a previous post where the SquirrelSniper goes to jail for shooting squirrels within city limits. I’m not sure I like that option very much.

The other thing I’m worried about is that he is going to be all over me to monetize his site with advertising so that he can put money in his savings account. I was messing around with a site a few years ago, and set it up in his name for the fun of it, and now he expects to get money each month from any website he owns; which is totally BS. Most sites don’t make any money…. Like this one. LOL

So, sometime in the near future, look for jrSquirrelHunting.com (I just bought it for him) to pop up on Youtube with videos of my jrSquirrelSniper shooting squirrels with his rubber band gun, an airsoft sniper rifle or maybe my Bushmaster .223 in our backyard… (OK, The .223 in the backyard would be cool!)

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