Spring is nigh, Squirrels are gonna die…

Spring Fever used to mean baseball, yardwork, etc… Now I realize that I have a much more meaningful role in this thing we call “circle of life”, which may be in direct contrast to the writer of this song, but what the he!!. I was put on this earth to assist critters in attaining their expiration date.

As spring rapidly approaches, I am reminded of this uncontrollable urge to continue the decimation of the ground squirrel problem many landowners face. I realize this a great sacrifice ( I recently had to leave my career of 10 years ) but someone has to step up and git’er dunn. It is shaping up to be a great squirrel season, Squirrel Sniper and myself plan to alleviate the symptoms of life that many squirrels suffer from (needlessly, i might add) and use this forum to share our adventures and technical advice.


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  1. Semperfiguy says:


    We salute your selfless sacrifices and pray all your hits launch fur and entrails far and wide!

    Our reloading is done for now, and my trigger happy shooting partner, Mongo, and I are headed to Oregon for a week long ground squirrel shooting expedition.

    We hit central Oregon early last month and shot hundreds upon hundreds of the little alphalfa-loving vermin in a two and a half day frenzy. We pulled triggers for hours, and the carnage impressive.

    Our 22-250′s, .204′s, .223′s, and .17 HMR’s took their toll, and the local critters (coyotes, badgers, crows, ravens, hawks, eagles, magpies…..even their own) ate very well for a few days.

    Just bought a Cooper Montana Varminter in .204 to supplement my Ruger M77 (cool down gun), and outfitted it with a Zeiss Conquest 6.5X20x50 scope. My dream rifle come true, and is it ever a shooter!!!!

    We are exploring new shooting grounds throught central and eastern Oregon to the California border next week. Made some great preliminary contacts, and hope to make several more in route.

    Hope we don’t get pulled over and inspected! Our semi-self contained Chevy 12′ box van is rigged specifically for varmint hiunting; gun racks, portable benches, reloading table and all. We’ll have thousands of rounds and some 10 rifles, not counting hand guns on board. Life is good!

    Shoot ‘em all!


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