Let’s Have A “Take Your Kid Shooting Day”

I’m sort of disappointed in Americans, but at the same time, sort of not. I was just reading an article from Newsweek that said hunting was down 4% since 2001, and if you’re a squirrel you should feel safer. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19262063/site/newsweek/ I don’t want squirrels feeling safe people. Think of what they would do if they knew we were giving up the fight?

On the other hand though, it means there are more squirrels for me to shoot. It also means that in the future, we will need all of the squirrel shooters we can get. So, take your kids shooting. Teach them how to snipe squirrels from 300 yards. Teach them squirrel tracking and the art of camouflage (Looking and smelling like nuts.). Buy them a ghillie suit. In other words, be prepared. Who knows, in the future maybe we will need squirrel shooters and gun makers more than brain surgeons or stockbrokers to keep our civilization going. (p.s. I hope not, because that gives the South a distinct advantage… LOL)

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