Squirrel In A Blender

I just love stuff that makes you go Hmmmm. This excerpt was in an email news notice I get so that I can stay on top of the squirrel whacking world. I’m going to just give you part of the paragraph, and then you can follow it and read the story if your curiosity gets the better of you. LOL

“the lead believed to be in the squirrel actually came from a part of the blender.”

No, really! Now doesn’t that just make you want to run over to NewsDay and read the rest of the “Squirrel In A Blender” story?

(The story wasn’t all that you would have hoped it would be, was it?) LOL


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  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Good article find! It really makes you think…
    Anyway, I wanted to do some 100+yd. .22 shooting today. But, I heard from a friend that people were not allowed to have a gun with ammo outside within 5 days of the opening deer season. This is tomorrow in Minnesota. So, I decided to try to find the rule in the DNR book. Apparantly, it also states that you can have a shotgun with 4 buckshot or smaller or .22 short, long or long rifle as an exception to the rule. I’m glad I wasn’t out hunting squirrels with my .17 this week, as it was not one of those exceptions! By the time I had actually found the rule, the sun was about to go down. So, I decided instead to go to my favorite gun shop (Arnies in Shevlin MN) to check out a .22 pistol, which might end up being my Christmas present this year from my girlfriend. (Hope she reads this) I asked Arnie himself if I would be able to try it out. This is something most gun shops aren’t willing to let you do. He obliged and put in 3, .22 rounds. Well, no-one had informed me about the volume level of a .22 LR pistol, and it had been years since I shot one! After my initial dismay, I looked at Arnie in shock. He was laughing his head off, the way you would think of a 75 year old man would laugh at such a thing. So as not to look like a total wimp, I squeased off the other two rounds. My ears are still ringing four hours later!

    Talk to you next time!

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