Upcoming Squirrel Shooting Events

I was going to put up a nice long post about when and where the 3 squirrel shooting events are going to be held over the next 4 weeks, but then I decided not to. If you’re too lazy to go over to the varmint shooting forums and sign up, then you’re probably too lazy to drive to the sage rat whacking competitions anyway, so why waste the time and effort? (Are you getting all hot under the collar yet? If you are, you can show how tough you are and how wrong I am about you, by getting over there and signing up… Com’on succumb to the peer pressure.)

For those of you going to the shoots, you need to get out your .17 hmr’s, .22 wmr’s and 22 lr and get them all set up for the Surprise Valley and Unity shoots. Those two shoots are rimfire only, so keep that in mind. The Unity shoot is full up, with 32 teams shooting and 32 teams on the waiting list.

Those of you going to the Lakeview can get their .223′s and 22.250′s out and get ready to do some long range varmint shooting.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Sage Rat Shoots, Roundups and Skwerl Massacres!


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  1. jon says:

    Any details for this Lakeview event? I have a .22-250 itching to prove itself.

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