.17 HMR Ballistic Tip vs. Ground Squirrel

Who do you think won the above exchange?

It was extremely windy when I shot this video yesterday, and I didn’t realize until I went to process it that it’s shaky. I’m surprised, since it was on a tripod at the time, but, all is not lost, because the video still shows what a Hornady 17 grain ballistic tip bullet will do to a squirrel at around 100 yards.

I was worried that the 17 hmr ballistics wouldn’t give me the “pop and flop” that the .204, .223 and the 22-250 do, but for it’s price range, bullet weight and speed, it does a “right fine” job of putting sage rats to sleep.

You will need to double click on the play button to activate the video. If you have the time, take a minute and write a comment on youtube for us and rate our latest squirrel “hunting”, whoops, I mean squirrel “shooting” video.

ps. for those of you who haven’t read anything else on the site, this video was shot in Enterprise, Oregon.

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