17 HMR Ballistic Tips vs. Ground Squirrels

I went back up to Enterprise, Oregon on Thursday with Wanna Bee, Verminator’s brother. Or, in other words, one of my other brother-in-laws. He has 3 Ruger 10/22′s, which I personally think is a complete and utter waste of money. But, as he pointed out, even though my Savage AccuTrigger only cost $30.00 more than his 10/22, I pay 10 times more for the ammunition for my 17 hmr than he does for his Ruger 10/22, and he doesn’t have to take 10 shots to my one to keep the kill count equal. So, I guess he may have a point; at least on the cost issue.

But, once you check out this video of me shooting ground squirrels with my Savage AccuTrigger in 17 hmr, you will understand the difference between the pathetic pop of a .22 long rifle, and the explosive power that the .17 delivers to the target. The 17 is, oh, so much more satisfying in every way. I really don’t ever see myself using the 10/22 anymore for any reason. The .17 HMR is so much more accurate, the ballistics on the rifle are so much better and the foot pounds of energy delivered on target are so much higher than a 22 long rifle, that I see myself using the .17 for everything I used to use the .22 for.

Here’s the latest squirrel hunting video, enjoy.

Double click on the play button to get the video started.


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