.223 Remington Vs. Ground Squirrels

This video is OK, but I have a problem with shooting an AR-15 at squirrels that are standing in front of cows, houses and roads. I know that lots of people don’t really take into account what is behind their shot, but to me that is very dangerious and scary. I’m not going to judge these guys, but I do think you should pay attention to the safety violations that take place during this video, just so you know what not to do.

If you are going to shoot squirrel in an area with people, cars and livestock, you need to make sure you do a good job of checking your background before taking the shot. I know it’s sometimes hard to do when you are in the heat of the hunt, but you really need to do so so that you don’t end up giving all hunters a bad name.

Safe squirrel hunting people,


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  1. Dr. Scientist says:

    This shouldn’t even be posted for anti-hunters/anti-shooting folks to see; it is recklessly irresponsible and foolish. As you’ve mentioned, the backgrounds, certainly not clear and safe, should preclude the shooting that is being done here. I’m sure that the excuse would be “we’re using explosively frangible bullets”, but strange things happen with terminal ballistics all of the time.

  2. Bone says:

    WOW, ive been shooting squirrels with a 1000 f/s pellet gun, i need to step up my caliber of weapon

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