Exploding Squirrel Hit By .17HMR Ballistic Tip

Here’s a new squirrel shooting video (yea, yea, I got tired of my fans sending me hate mail for not posting more dead squirrels). This squirrel was hit in the chest and was almost blown in half by the 17gr. Hornady 17 HMR ballistic tip round that hit it. Pay attention during the slow motion part, and you can see pieces of squirrel meat flying in all directions. Ouch!

To watch this video, you will need to click in the window to activate the player, then click on the play button to play the video. If you guys have any squirrel videos, send them to me and I’ll post them on the site for everyone to enjoy.


Squirrel Sniper

5 Responses to “Exploding Squirrel Hit By .17HMR Ballistic Tip”

  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Nice, I’m wondering, what is the longest range you’ve seen a .17 cause this kind of impact? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it not cause this kind of damage…

  2. You can’t really see the squirrels explode far away, and a 17 just about stops in the air over 200 yards, but I did kill a squirrel at over 200 yards at the Unity squirrel shoot. The big problem is drift. The 17 is so light that it just wanders if the wind is blowing.

    The optimal range for the 17 hmr is between 95 and 165 yards. If you set your scope up for 135 yards, then you can shoot dead on in that range and be off less than an inch.


  3. Wanna Bee says:

    I am very disapointed, Squirrel Sniper, the credits need to be modified. You forgot one of the most important credits. I am sure you will find it in your heart to fix the error.


  4. The camera was wobbly, I thought you would be embarrassed if I told people you were holding it.

  5. faxe, Polish sqrrl hater says:

    Hey, that’s nice shooting!

    Too bad here in Poland we can’t shoot squirrels or any furry or flying animals without a hunter’s licence. Even more, it takes about 2 years to obtain a firearm licence. Lucky for me air guns with projectile energy

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