Get Rid Of Squirrels
The Squirrel Sniper Way!

Here is the video that I shot yesterday of the Verminator ridding the world of vermin (hence the name). We were in a little valley about 6 miles from Unity, Oregon. The wind was blowing pretty good, as you can see by the video, but it didn’t seem affect the .204 that the Verminator was shooting. The only shot I saw him miss was at a squirrel around 400 yards away with a 20+ mph cross wind; maybe I should let him be the Squirrel Sniper.

I personally think the video rocks and should be sent to schools for kids to learn the proper disposal method for ground squirrels, but I’m sure someone would take umbridge and I would end up in the local news looking like some kind of wack job… Again. LOL

Double click on the play button to get the movie to play.

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