How Many Unsafe Hunting Practices Do You See?

This 10 minute hunting video has some good squirrel shooting footage on it, but watching it made me cringe. From the looks of it, and the sound of it, they are using a .22 long rifle and an AR-15 in .223. BUT, they are doing quite a few things that are really unsafe, as well as indiscriminately shooting things other than squirrels.

The main problem I have with their shooting is that they don’t make sure of their backstop before taking the shot. They take shots at squirrels that are in front of Cows, Houses, Tractors, Roads, Sprinkler Pipes and more.

They are also shooting birds. While you can get a hunting license to shoot some birds, LBB’s (little brown birds) and Magpies aren’t included in that list. (As a matter of fact, last time I checked, it was illegal to shoot Magpies in Oregon, and the video looks like it was shot in Central Oregon. But, I’ve been wrong before.)

To watch the video, just click on the play arrow twice in the middle of the screen. Then sign in and let us know what you think by commenting on it.

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  1. MNsqrlHntr says:

    I’d have to agree with you on the un-safe practices. I’m wondering myself if you have any good recipies to share.

  2. I don’t have any squirrel recipes. I put up a section for them, but then I never really got into it, because the squirrels I shoot live in holes in the ground and eat each other when we shoot them. In other words, they’re just like fricken rats, and the thought of eating rats queezifies me a little. LOL

    But, since I aim to please my readers, try, they have a bunch of squirrel recipes over there.


  3. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shooting my new Rossi .17cal/20ga.! However, the last few times out I hadn’t been able to hit much, seems my shots were going at least an inch low! I had thought it was because I was shooting at shorter ranges then I had zeroed in at (50 yds). The other day I managed to find a “small” break in the rain to get a couple shots on paper. I found even at 50 yds, all my shots were over an inch low. Now, I had checked all of my screws in the scope and hadn’t taken the caps off of either windage or elevation since last I had zeroed in. So, I re-zeroed at 50 yds and tried a few shots at 20, which was only about a 1/3 inch difference. Could my problem be from jolting as the gun is a break barrell single shot? Can it be from handling the barrell during cleaning by the scope so as not to put hand oil on the barrell? Did someone sabbotage my gun? Which of these do you consider the best possible reason, if not any others?

  4. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Well, I took a break from squirrels this weekend. I was after the colorful pheasants! Well, I got to southern MN and decided I’d go with my uncles (who had already been there the whole day) for the last half-hour before sunset. Wouldn’t you know it, I got a beautiful flush and kill! Too bad the rest of MY weekend would not go as well. Got skunked on Sat and Sun, and proceeded back to Bemidji at noon. On a positive note, our party did well enough for me to bring home 6 frozen birds (posession limit in MN). Two of the guys hunting did not want to take any birds home, as they were nearing their limit at home in their freezers. Looks like I have some pheasant eating to do before next time I go to my childhood home town. Or maybe I’ll just convince my g/f to buy a pheasant stamp. I do love to eat them out of season! I don’t know why, but it makes them taste better, lol.

  5. MNsqrlHntr says:

    Hey man, thinking you need to make a new post! Well, I’ve been out looking for the little critters. I found a new spot to hunt the other day, and brought my savage bolt .22. Wouldn’t you know it, no squirrels. However, I did kick up 4 grouse. Of course, I didn’t get a shot off at the grouse. Rather, I decided I’d go back with my girl friends father the following day with our shot guns. Well, we didn’t get any grouse. But, we did see about 5 squirrels, including the elusive grey (in MN they are hard to find in the woods since the red squirrels kick them out when they move into an area)… Just my luck right? Maybe next time I’ll take the .22 or .17 and make him take a scatter gun. Then, with my luck, we won’t see anything at all! Try try again.

  6. Yea, I know I need to put up some more posts, but all the ground squirrels are down for the year here. I did see some gray squirrels yesterday while trail riding in the blues, but I didn’t have a rifle with me.

  7. benny says:

    looks like LaGrande

  8. Ken says:

    Wow. I mean really. Wow. These guys are out of their minds, i couldn’t even finish watching the video. I can’t believe anyone would take those shots with what I saw in the background. Cattle, Farm houses, Sprinklers and a Road. Seriously? It makes me sick that people even hunt like that. I typically hunt predators (coyotes in particular) here in Colorado, and the land that I hunt has a few hundred head of cattle on it, and when I go out I establish where they are (usually right where I want to hunt) for a simple reason. I CAN”T AFFORD TO REPLACE A COW! That cow is that rancher’s A. Means of making a living (which is getting harder and harder on a relatively small spread) and B. Part of his food supply! Not to mention if I do manage to wound one non fatally and the rancher has to drop money on a vet bill or even if he decides just to put it down, that creates a lot of problems and legal liabilities for me. And shooting towards a road!? Last I knew it was illegal to shoot towards or over a roadway. And shooting with a HOUSE in the background??? Really a HOUSE? What a group of freaking idiots. And that scene where he wounded one and he and his buddies laughed as it was “trouting” and didn’t even attempt to put it out of its misery? This is truly a disgrace to honest, ethical and law abiding hunters everywhere. And we wonder why, oh why, these landowners won’t allow us to hunt their properties. REMEMBER to treat someone elses land and equipment as good or better than you would treat your own. Police up your brass, your garbage, your cigarette butts and don’t tolerate your buddies making a mess of the place either. Don’t take any shot that endagers life, property or equipment. These farmers and ranchers are opening up their land to us, often at no cost, so treat it with respect. We might be doing them a favor getting rid of their prairie dogs, ground squirells, crows, coyotes and other animals that are considered undesireable, no one will be doing them any favors by putting a hole through a car, a sprinkler line, their FREAKING HOUSE, their tractors or even worse killing a person because these guys and their merry band of half wits, dumbshits and yahoos want to go out and take these unsafe shots. Any way that’s my rant thanks for listening. Good hunting, all.

  9. shootist says:


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