SquirrelSniper vs. American Badger

OK, I suck. I tried hitting this Badger at like 40,000 yards with my Bushmaster .223 over the hood of my truck with a 10-15mph side wind, but I couldn’t hit it to save my life. Watch the video, it says it all. I finally had to drive up the valley and whack him with my .17 HMR.

Don’t worry, all you tree huggers, it didn’t kill him, just gave him a headache. You can see the 17 HMR bounce off of his fricken head at 50 yards. After I finally got him in the head, he didn’t come back out of his hole, but he’s probably fine and will only have a hangover in the morning, along with a really cool dueling scar. LOL

Double click on the play button to get the video to play.


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