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Want To Improve Your Rifle Accuracy?

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Do You NEED To Improve Your Accuracy?

Need Help?
If you’ve ever been out varmint hunting (or worse yet, deer or elk hunting) and experienced the frustration of missing because you haven’t learned to sight in your rifle, then read this!


If you own a rifle, you should be able to hit what you aim at! More so, you should hit exactly where you aim every time you squeeze the trigger. Accuracy or the ability to hit your target at any range and under any condition is dependent upon many variables: 

  • Before you can have rifle accuracy, you must first have Rifle Precision!
  • Rifle Precision is the ability to consistently shoot the same way providing tight shot groups every time.
  • Tighter rifle shot groups will allow more accurate adjustments to your rifle sights as you zero in your rifle at any range.
  • I want to reinforce the fundamentals of consistency which are the Fundamentals of Marksmanship!


Sample Target

Do your Shot Groups look like A, B, C or D?

The Precision Shooting Program Can help You Achieve
Rifle Shot Groups like Groups G and Better!

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Prairie Dog Hunt .17 HMR + .22-250

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Prairie Dog Hunt using .17 HMR and .22-250

Lots of good shooting.  Lots of destruction.  Thinning out the population that was overrunning the land.

This goes to show that working with land owners can be good for both you and them.



.17 HMR V-Max Bullet vs Canned Goods

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

.17 HMR Ammo

In Today’s Special Video:

.17 HMR V-Max Bullet vs. Canned Goods

Here’s a fun video using a .17 HMR V-Max bullet shot at many different canned goods.

It’s neat because they show both the actual shot and a slow-motion replay of all shots.

It finishes with images of many of the cans and the destruction it caused.



Shooting Sage Rats

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


Here’s a great video of lots of clean shooting with a .17 HMR – Savage 93R17 and CCI TNT hollow points.

Location:  Enterprise, OR.

Good camera work.  Lots of shots.  Lots of dead sage rats….

Here ya go:

Henry Rifles – Made In The USA

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Henry RiflesHenry Rifles Gift Guide

We don’t do much advertising or charge for this site in.  In fact, we give away free targets you can print out and other things at times.

Henry Rifles has been our sole advertiser for over four years now and graciously continues to help support us to keep this site going.

Henry Rifles are made in the USA by US workers out of steel, wood and brass that comes from the USA.  The lever actions are smooth and they handle great.  They are fun to shoot!

If you’ve never held a Henry rifle then I strongly suggest you do.

In the mean time, why don’t you get a FREE Henry Catalog.  Simply click on the banner or on the photo on the left and you’ll be taken to the Henry Rifle website where you can request your FREE catalog.

Click HERE To Get Your FREE Catalog

The catalog itself is fun to read and is full of history.

Please get the catalog and consider picking up a Henry Rifle in the future.  They are the sole supporters of this website and we can’t say enough good things about Henry and their company.



Savage 93R17 .17 HMR Rifle Review

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Savage 93R17 .17 HMR Rifle

Here’s a pretty good review of the Savage Model 93R17 .17HMR Rifle with Heavy Barrel and Thumbhole stock.  He put a nice Nikon scope on it as well.

The reviewer shoots groups of .17gr Hornady Ballistic Tips and CCI 20 gr Game Points.
Nice rifle.  Watch the review and see what you think.


Shooting Sage Rats 2011 – Enterprise OR

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Shooting Sage Rats 2011 in Enterprise, OR

Oh – BTW – that’s Shooting Ground Squirrels to some of you not from the West and Northwest!

Here’s a great video of DOZENS of sage rats biting the dust, being vaporized and generally being wiped out!

Rifle was .17 HMRSavage 93R17 shooting CCI TNT hollow points

Lots of nice long range shooting.  Great video, Greg!

Greg had his video camera mounted on his rifle.


.17 HMR and .22-250 vs Prairie Dogs

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Time to reduce the over-population of prairie dogs in a pasture.

Some good footage of what the .17 HMR and a .22-250 can do.

Make contact with some land owners who have infestations of these pesky varmints and offer to thin them out.



Henry .17 HMR Varmint Express Rifle

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Every now and then we like to highlight some special products.  Today, it’s the Henry Repeating Arms Co lever action .17 HMR Varmint Express.  This rifle means a lot to us since Henry advertises on this site and, without them, this site wouldn’t exist.

If you know anything about Henry lever action rifles, you know that they have the smoothest lever action in the business.  And what joy it is to hold and shoot.  The .17 HMR is extremely accurate and is probably the best caliber to use for ground squirrels and similar small varmints.

If you don’t have a Henry catalog yet please click on the picture below.  It will take to you to the Henry website where you can sign up to get their beautiful catalog.  I promise you, you’ll be daydreaming after looking at their catalog.  It’s one you’ll leave on your desk or coffee table and pick up frequently.

Henry .17 HMR Varmint Express Rifle

This is the rifle the range riders of the 1800′s would have loved to have had close at hand for picking off varmints or just plinking at whiskey bottles. But since the .17HMR didn’t hit the market until 2002, it will be up to you to make it a legend.

Shooting the .17 HMR Varmint ExpressOur Henry Varmint Express® packs eleven .17HMR rounds in its tubular magazine. It features a 20″ barrel, comes with a checkered American walnut Monte Carlo stock. Like all lever action Henrys, the action is incredibly smooth from the very first shot. It will enable small game and varmint hunters to take full advantage of the .17HMR with regard to velocity, trajectory, wind drift, richochet resistance, quietness and accuracy.

Hornady .17 HMR cartridgeAlready considered by many to be the most accurate rimfire cartridge ever produced, the .17HMR incorporates a .17 caliber bullet into a necked-down .22 magnum case. This high-powered combination produces a sizzlin’ muzzle velocity of up to 2,550 feet per second and the laser-flat trajectory makes it lethal for long-range shots on woodchucks, prairie dogs, foxes and other small varmints. Henry’s take on this revolutionary caliber, the Varmint Express, has a 20″ barrel that delivers dead-on accuracy.

Just like all Henry rifles, it’s handcrafted in the United States using only high-grade components such as a checkered American walnut stock, and Williams Fire sights and, of course, it’s outfitted with that legendary, smooth-operating lever action that sets a Henry rifle apart from all the imitators.

*Varmint Express is a registered trademark of Hornady Mfg. Co.

Safe for Left Handed Shooters


Click HERE to get your own copy
of the Henry Catalog


.17 HMR Rifle vs. Prairie Dog Colony

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Prairie Dog Hunting – Thinning out a prairie dog colony with .17 HMR rfile.

Some good footage here with many slow-motion replays.

It’s always interesting to see how effective the .17 HMR is for small varmints like this.