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FFL Permit

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

How to Profit by Buying and Selling Guns
at Wholesale Prices for You and Others

Ever thought about getting your FFL permit?

If so, now’s the time to do it! Contrary to what you may have heard, you probably CAN get your FFL from home. Of course, that does assume you have a clean record…

If you want to buy/sell/trade firearms then this is a great way to go. You’ll have to show that you are in it for business purposes and not just filling your gun cabinet at a lower price.

If you’re interested you can Get Your FFL Permit Now.

The FFL Kit shows you exactly what you need to do, how to fill out the forms and help you understand the full process.

Here’s a tip – do yo have friends, family, hunting buddies, neighbors or folks you work with that need or want guns?  Well, there’s no reason you can’t be the one to source those, make a few dollars in the process and save them some money in the process. Plus, it will help you fund your own collection.

Again, Click Here for the FFL Kit.  Your savings on your first gun purchase will easily pay for the kit!

You owe it to yourself to find out if it’s right for you.  If nothing else, use the information in the kit to find other FFL dealers in your area that you could source guns or transfer guns through.  (That’s a $100+ tip for ya….)

Get the FFL KIT now.  And start enjoying the freedom to purchase what you want…and make money in the process!


Henry Rifles – Made In The USA

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Henry RiflesHenry Rifles Gift Guide

We don’t do much advertising or charge for this site in.  In fact, we give away free targets you can print out and other things at times.

Henry Rifles has been our sole advertiser for over four years now and graciously continues to help support us to keep this site going.

Henry Rifles are made in the USA by US workers out of steel, wood and brass that comes from the USA.  The lever actions are smooth and they handle great.  They are fun to shoot!

If you’ve never held a Henry rifle then I strongly suggest you do.

In the mean time, why don’t you get a FREE Henry Catalog.  Simply click on the banner or on the photo on the left and you’ll be taken to the Henry Rifle website where you can request your FREE catalog.

Click HERE To Get Your FREE Catalog

The catalog itself is fun to read and is full of history.

Please get the catalog and consider picking up a Henry Rifle in the future.  They are the sole supporters of this website and we can’t say enough good things about Henry and their company.



Hunting Ground Rats – .22 Mag and Archery!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hunting Ground RATS With A .22 Mag and with Archery!

Some pretty good shooting – clearing ground rats out of a horse arena.  This one is using a .22 Mag and finishes up with two excellent shots using a bow and arrow.

For me it’s time to shake off this cold winter and head out to the country and start thinning the population.


Varmint Hunting Scope Mounted iPhone Camera On CZ 452

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Varmint Hunting – Riflescope iPhone Video Camera

How about video recording your shots using a video camera mounted to view through the riflescope?
I’ve see a lot of folks using regular video cameras using various mounting techniques (including duct tape, of course!).  But here’s a unique one using the iPhone video camera.
If you haven’t done this it takes some learning since you are now using the video camera LCD screen (in this case, iPhone screen) to find and acquire your target.  A very steady bench rest setup is best.
This shooter used his CZ 452 .22 with scope to shoot hares.

Henry Rifles Offers Beautiful Free Catalog

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
Get a FREE beautiful catalog

Henry Rifles - Beautiful Free Catalog

You’ve probably heard of Henry Rifles. They’ve been around since 1862 making some of the finest, smoothest lever action rifles in the industry.  But they haven’t rested on their laurels!  They continue to turn out product after product that is award winning and finely tuned.

We’re proud to feature Henry Rifles as our primary site sponsor. They have continued to faithfully support us to bring you some great content and the love of ground squirrel and varmint hunting.

Henry puts out a beautiful catalog of their products. In it you’ll read the colorful history of the company and the details of all their rifles and accessories that they sell.  Big, two-page spreads with detailed photos of all their rifles – from the original lever actions in all calibers to the Henry Big Boy, Golden Boy series, Frontier series, and all the bolt action series.  They even have the U.S. Survival AR-7 .22 LR that is really handy.

But don’t forget about the Henry Varmint Express .17 HMR.  One of the hotest, sweetest, smoothest lever action .17 HMR, squirrel-killin’ machines around. I’m just about to order mine.

I urge you to get the catalog. It’s free.  And it’s tempting.  As a visitor to this website, Henry will gladly send one out to you.  Henry sponsors us because they know our readers enjoy hunting, shooting and fine guns.

Some of the Henry Rifles collection

Click to get your catalog of these fine Henry Rifles.

So – do it now.  Click HERE to get your catalog.

Even if you never buy a Henry, you’ll want to keep this catalog around to read and to refer to.  It’s a genuine piece of American history.  History that seems to be fading daily.


New Squirrel Hunting Season Coming Up

Monday, January 11th, 2010

It’s winter, and I’m weary of it. Here’s a 9 minute squirrel shooting video to get every body thinking about the new squirrel hunting season. The squirrels will start popping up in March, and as soon as they start popping up, I’m going to start popping them.

These guys are using a 22 magnum and a hand held camera, so the camera work is a little shaky from time to time, but we all started out that way.