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Ground Squirrel Hunting – Edgun PCP Air Rifle

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Ground Squirrel Hunting

Fun shooting with the Edgun PCP Air Rifle.

Watch how it’s done!  And help control the rodent population in your area in the process!

Varmint control at it’s finest…with a grin on your face, of course.

Enjoy the video!


Hunting Ground Squirrels – Edgun .22 PCP Air Rifle

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Hunting Ground Squirrels – Shooting Ground Squirrels

Some good, clean footage shooting ground squirrels with a .22 Edgun PCP Air Rifle

Gun: Edgun Matador .22 PCP Air Rifle
Pellets: JSB 18.1gr @ 900fps
Scope: Leaper Accushot SWAT 4-16x 56mm

Note how clear the video is sighting through the scope.  Nice work…

Enjoy all you squirrel killers!