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Varmint Hunting – Groundhogs with .17 HMR

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Nice shots on the groundhogs at various distances with .17 HMR

Multiple kills from the same holes.  This teaches us to stay on target and wait for additional opportunities.

Enjoy the video!

17 HMR Varmint Hunting

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

17 HMR Varmint Hunting

Also used .22, .270 and 30-06

LOTS of rodents taken out to help local farmers.
Check it out!

17 HMR Hornady

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

17 HMR Hornady

Shooting Ground Squirrels

Lead Free Hornady .17 HMR

Here’s a very good discussion of the Lead Free .17 HMR Hornady ammo and lots of dead ground squirrels!

You’ll learn a lot on this one…enjoy!

.17 HMR vs Ballistics Gel

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Shooting .17 HMR, Hornady 17 grain V-Max into a block of ballistic gel.

This shows very impressive energy transfer by such a small bullet.  The expansion and wound cavity is undeniable!

These shots were taken at 50 yards.

See for yourself what the .17HMR Rifle with V-Max .17 grain can do!

Enjoy the video…

Precision Shooting – Improve Your Rifle Accuracy

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Do You NEED To Improve Your Accuracy?

Need Help?
If you’ve ever been out varmint hunting (or worse yet, deer or elk hunting) and experienced the frustration of missing because you haven’t learned to sight in your rifle, then read this!


If you own a rifle, you should be able to hit what you aim at! More so, you should hit exactly where you aim every time you squeeze the trigger. Accuracy or the ability to hit your target at any range and under any condition is dependent upon many variables:

  • Before you can have rifle accuracy, you must first have Rifle Precision!
  • Rifle Precision is the ability to consistently shoot the same way providing tight shot groups every time.
  • Tighter rifle shot groups will allow more accurate adjustments to your rifle sights as you zero in your rifle at any range.
  • I want to reinforce the fundamentals of consistency which are the Fundamentals of Marksmanship!
Sample Target

Do your Shot Groups look like A, B, C or D?

The Precision Shooting Program Can help You Achieve
Rifle Shot Groups like Groups G and Better!

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.17 HMR / Vmax Book Penetration Test

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Savage 93  .17 HMR Vmax penetration test with 800 page book!

Here’s a fun thing to do on the range!  Get out all those old books and shoot at various ranges with different loads and bullet types to see what type penetration and bullet expansion you get!
The .17 HMR would loose a lot beyond 100 yards but sure is sweet within 50 yards or so.
See what you think:

17HMR Ballistic Tips vs Ground Squirrels

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Ground Squirrel Hunting using the .17 HMR Ballistic Tips

Here’s a great example of how well the .17HMR ballistic tips perform.  As you probably know, the .17 HMR is an excellent round for shooting ground squirrels and the flat shooting, 17 gr bullet kills fast.  The shock value these rounds deliver is nothing short of amazing against varmints like this.  You can see the Henry Rifle .17 cal rifle by clicking here.

This video was shot using a Sony Handycam mounted on the rifle so you see it from the shooter’s perspective.

Head out the range or your favorite field and try a box of these ballistic tips.  And prepare to be impressed!
Enjoy the shooting….

900 Yard AR-15 Long Range Shooting

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Long Range Shooting – AR-15

Here’s an AR-15 shooting balloons at 400, 600 and 900 yards in the wind.

Watch at the end – they did’t have much good to say about Wolf brand .223 ammo!

This could be a serious setup for varmints with the appropriate bench work done.


Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle Review

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Here’s another Henry Rifles AR-7 Review. Very basic, very well done.

The Henry AR7 Survival Rifle remains a favorite weapon for those who want to carry one in their vehicles, backpacks and any place a compact, weatherproof gun can be taken. It is a very versatile gun!

You can get all the information about these by getting the beautiful FREE Henry Catalog sent to you – just for asking. I’ll warn you though, you’ll be drooling over these 100% Made In The USA guns.

.17 HMR V-Max Bullet vs Canned Goods

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

.17 HMR Ammo

In Today’s Special Video:

.17 HMR V-Max Bullet vs. Canned Goods

Here’s a fun video using a .17 HMR V-Max bullet shot at many different canned goods.

It’s neat because they show both the actual shot and a slow-motion replay of all shots.

It finishes with images of many of the cans and the destruction it caused.