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Dead Squirrels Make Me Happy!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I was driving by one of the parks in town today and heard a crunch. Since I wasn’t paying any attention to what the heck was going on around me, it startled me. Which made me realize that I was daydreaming and could have run over 3 handycapped kids and a church lady without even knowing it. BUT, lucky for me, when I looked in my rear view mirror, what I saw was a squirrel trouting on the street behind me.

Those of us who shoot squirrels on a regular basis know that if you get a perfect head shot, and take out the brain, (what little there is), the autonomic reflexes in the squirrel make it flop all over the place, and we call that trouting. It looks like a Marlin tail walking across the bay. LOL

So, obviously I’m so good that even when I’m not paying attention, I can get a brain shot on a squirrel with my truck. Dang I’m good! They don’t call me Squirrel Sniper for nothing… (OK, Yea, I named myself Squirrel Sniper… So What.)