I Saw a Ground Squirrel Today!

I saw some ground squirrels today, sitting in a field right next to the road. I’m not talking about a road out in the middle of the country, but a road right in town. The owner of the property is holding out for a ton of money, so the contractors in town haven’t built anything on the land yet. The squirrels just sit there, right alongside the sidewalk, while little old ladies and their wiener dogs walk by.

Every time I drive by, I want to pull over, get out my .17HMR and start shooting .17 grain Hornaday ballistic tips into their little furry bodies. But, since it’s in town, and I’d probably have to shoot across a major intersection, I’m talking traffic lights and all here folks, I figure i should set a good example for my kids and not get arrested for any more weapons violations. (Especially remembering what a pain the last one was…)

Speaking of contractors in Walla Walla, after the squirrels attacked the house in January, I finally got everything fixed back up. I went to WallaWallaContractors.com and got a roofing company to fix my roof and facia, and had a fencing contractor fix the fence damage. I even had to have an Electrician from Walla Walla Electric come out and fix some lights that got knocked over in the windstorm. The only thing left is the tree, or what’s left of it, that needs to come out. I’ll probably wait and do that one myself, instead of calling a tree removal company.

On another note, I think I’m going to do a PETA video tonight or tomorrow and post it on youtube. I have about 1 hour of footage of me missing squirrels that I’m shooting at. That should make them happy.


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