Squirrel Song Verminator’s Rendition

Check the calendar, spring is here-
What a magical time of year-
Howdy ho its Squirrel Blasting Day!

Put your shooting glasses on-
Spread your gear across the lawn-
Dontcha know its Squirrel Blasting Day!

All the hunters with their toys-
Love that wonderful splatting noise-
You’ll know what this is all about-
When you blast a Squirrels guts right out-
So come along and have a laugh-
Snap their Squirrelly spines in half-
Grab a gun and blast your cares away-
Hip-Hip-Hooray its Squirrel Blasting Day!

Snipers and the guns they wield-
Blasting Squirrels across the field-
Why we do it who can say-
It’s like a festive holiday-
So let the blasting fun begin-
Blast their Squirrelly skulls right in-
It’s tradition that makes it ok-
Hey everyone its Squirrel Blasting-
Pick up your gun its Squirrel Blasting-
Hip-Hip-HOORAY its Squirrel Blasting Day!!!

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  1. justin says:

    wow i love it. lmao

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