Squirrels Are Up In The Unity Area

Cindy said the squirrels are up in the area. And I quote:

The squirrels are just starting to venture out. I saw my first one a couple days ago (A big fat one!). I hear they are out pretty good in Hereford and Ironside/Cow Valley which is typical. I’m sure it won’t be long and they will be out here too!

Stock up on .223 and .17 HMR and head for Eastern Oregon people. LOL

See you there…

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  1. A.J. says:

    HI There. i was wondering can anyone tell my where i can go sage rat hunting. i mean like an actual property. my name is A.J. and i have been on a quest for the past three months to set up a sage rat trip for my father in law my two brothers and i. for the past few years we’ve always talked about making the trip we’ve just never been able to co-ordinate it. we live near portland and are willing to travel anywhere in oregon or washington for the trip. if someone knows a place we can shoot for less than the outrageous prices some of these guides are tying to charge. If you’ve got land or know someone who does, we are very clean friendly and wholesome bunch of hard working guys who would like to get out for the weekend were not going to disrespectyou or your property and we always clean up after ourselves If you can help us i’m sure we could come up with something to make it worth your wile. my e-mail is agemac3@aol.com i would love to hear from anyone with an inside line on a good spot or at least a contact. Thank you for your time. A.J.

  2. Crane has squirrels. Just stay at the Crane Hot Springs, and then go out each day and talk to a rancher about shooting his squirrels. It’s pretty easy to set up. The one drawback is that almost everyone is going to want you to use .22′s.

    You could also door knock in the area around Unity and Cow Valley. They have lots of squirrels, and you would probably find a farmer or ranche who would let you shoot by knocking on only a couple of door. The people are friendly, and you are getting rid of a pest for them.

    You could also call the Stangle Buffalo Ranch in Enterprise, Oregon. They have squirrels, and will usually let you hunt them if you donate to the local school. Google them, ask for Bob, and see what you can set up.

  3. Call Mat.

    And I quote from an earlier post:

    “We allow sage rat hunting on our property near Seneca Oregon. Call for info (541) 542-2608″

    Have fun AJ and make sure you take good care of Mat’s place so you don’t ruin it for the rest of us….


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