Squirrels In The City

By Woodybob

City folks in NYC, who normally dress as well as they eat, are forgoing lavish dinner parties and instead, settling for a type of dinner one might find in a West Virginian mobile home. With the stock market in shreds, banks closing and a government in serious doubt and debt, city dwellers have turned to eating a native cousin of the city rat; tree squirrels.

Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes were recently spotted in Central Park kneeled down with dress shoes on, behind an evergreen shrub, with crossman sling shots in hand. No, they were not waiting for Mr. Big to walk by for a sudden ambush attack. The four gorgeous girls were waiting to ambush a wandering squirrel unaware of the uncertain motives these four girls had.

Squirrels are no longer safe in the metro-hip districts of New York City. Dinner parties once featuring NY Strips and Filet Mignons are now being replaced by more affordable meat; one that requires a slingshot or high-powered pellet gun to catch, a pocketknife to skin and a few classic squirrel recipes found at www.woodybobs.com/squirrelrecipes.html.

At a recent dinner party charity event for the Association of Melvin Brooks Cancer Research, squirrel fillet, with sides of fruits and fresh vegetables, were carried atop sterling silver trays and served by white suited, bow tied, waiters. The buffet featured a popular WoodyBobs.com squirrel recipe – “Fried Squirrel and Gravy.” The girls in their swanky dresses and the guys dressed as neatly as James Bond, devoured squirrel meat and drank Night Train with the gusto of an Arkansayer.

Meanwhile, Back in West Virginia, Norma was cooking the family’s nightly dinner ‘Sunday Chicken’, which was once cooked by her great grandmother during the Great Depression in 1929. Sunday chicken was a mere joke during the depression, it was cooked every day, or at least any time a squirrel wandered into the yard or a nearby tree…

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