Update to the “Cougars & Wolves” Post

Bob Rich over at Rimfirehunting.blogspot.com said I was a little hard on the DEP Biologist, so here’s my small retraction…. “Sorry” DEP Guy… (while looking down and scuffing my toe in the dust.) LOL

Bob said that:

NOTE: In all fairness, the DEP Biologist did get back to me and he has always responded to my letters. It was the Sergeant that simply didn’t believe me. Here’s what the biologist wrote:

For those of you who haven’t read Bob’s cougar story, go to http://rimfirehunting.blogspot.com/2007/09/hidden-dangers-at-roraback.html and read it.

In the post I did on Bob’s cougar story and my wolf story, I didn’t mention that the cattle rancher who gave me permission to hunt on their property told me that there had been two cougar sightings on their property the day before, within 10 minutes of each other, 3 miles apart. You might think a cougar could do 3 miles in 10 minutes, but not when one mile is straight up over a mountain, and another mile is straight down the other side. (The other issue is, “if you see one, there’s 10 more watching you”.)

She also told me that the year before, they had had a bowhunter come in all white and shaky and tell them that a cougar had been stalking him, and that he had turned around and seen it just in time to get up from where he was sitting and attack it first. (Yelling, waiving his arms etc…) He told the lady that owns the ranch that he would never bow hunt again without taking a pistol or rifle with him, even if he got a ticket for it.

I also play poker with a guy who says he has been stalked by a cougar three times in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Twice, when elk hunting, he has followed his own trail back to camp in the snow and seen cougar tracks covering his. Another time, when he stopped to use the outhouse at Target Meadows, above the Tollgate ranger station, he came out of the outhouse to see that a cougar had walked around the outhouse three times when he was in there; it had just started to snow as he left his truck.

We also lost an elderly man, who was a diabetic, in that same area this year. He left camp to pick huckleberries, and just disappeared. One of the search guys said that he ran into a cougar 20 feet off the trail, about 100 yards from the guys trailer. He also said there was a ton of bear sign too. (The whole thing freaks me out a little since I got lost up there once when I was a kid…. Overnight! Ahhhh!)

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