California Ground Squirrels In Washington

I found this map of where to find California ground squirrels in Washington state. cagrnd_map.jpg

If you look at this map on the U.S. Census Bureau’s “Washington County Selection Map“, then you see that the two counties that have the squirrels are Klickitat and Yakima counties. Here is a list of towns in Klickitat County and Yakima County. If you are from one of these areas, please email or post information about how the hunting is and where traveling squirrel hunters should try their luck first. (Pretty Please!)

The map was acompanied with this information provided by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:
“California ground squirrels have large heads and stout bodies. Their upperparts are gray-brown with light flecks and the belly is offwhite. A triangle of dark fur on the back contrasts with white-tinged shoulders. Their tails are gray above and off-white below, and can be narrow or bushy.”

“They may be seen in trees, but spend most of their time on the ground, where they run belly to the ground. This species entered Washington in 1912 when bridges were built across the Columbia River. California ground squirrels, also called “gray diggers”, are hunted in Washington; special care should be taken to distinguish between these and western gray squirrels.”

Here are a couple of pictures from WDFW’s Website showing the difference between the Western Grey Squirrel and the California Ground Squirrel.

Western Grey SquirrelCalifornia Ground Squirrel AKA: Grey Diggers

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  1. Randy says:

    I would suggest the Klickitat Wildlafe Recreation Area on the Goldendale – Glenwood Hiway. There are usually beaucoup diggers there, and its public hunting land.

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