Hunting Squirrels In Yakima Washington

I’m on my way to Yakima this weekend to visit my wife’s relatives and look for squirrels and kill them. LOL, see how I phrased that? Now I can tell the wife; “I was just talking about the squirrels”.

Hmmm, if my wife’s family could read, I’d be in trouble about now, but since they are all from Idaho, no worries. (Lord, am I getting myself in deeper and deeper or what? I better take my Bushmaster .223 and a 1000 rounds of ammunition just to cover my back side; since the Verminator is my wife’s brother.)

Back to Yakima. Yakima, as a previous post showed, has a concentration of California ground squirrels, and, like all of the other crap moving into Washington and Oregon from California, they need to be shot. (“Shoot a tree hugger, shoot a tree hugger.” Once again sung to the “I’m a wheel watcher” song from the Wheel of Fortune.) (Do you get the idea that I just sit around and watch TV, scratch myself and shoot squirrels while eating Twinkies? Yea, I come across like that don’t I?)

Wow, I can’t seem to stay on topic here.

Lets keep this short and on topic:

  • I’m going to Yakima, Washington.
  • I’m going to find squirrels.
  • I will take pictures of said squirrels (Pause for dramatic affect…)
  • Muuuaaaahhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa!
  • I will post the video here next week.
  • The end.


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