Squirrels In Dayton

The Verminator went to Dayton, hung a right and headed into the mountains earlier this week. While he was there, he found a nice little valley that was chock full of ground squirrels that needed harvesting. He says he only had about an hour until the sun dropped below a ridge and all the squirrels went to bed, but in that hour he got 33 of them with his .17 HMR.

He also told me he bought a new set of those cool electronic ear protectors. When you’re wearing them, you can hear everything that is going on around you, but they block the sound when the gun goes off. He says it’s really cool to be able to shoot a squirrel and still hear the ballistic tip pop the squirrel. A hollow point or ballistic tip entering a furry little body makes a very satisfying sound, but most of the time you can’t hear it over the ear plugs.

The Verminator and I are going squirrel hunting in Wallowa next weekend, and I’ll post how that was when I get back.


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  1. Frightener says:

    I keep looking at those electronic ones. Just too many different opinions on which are good and which aren’t so I haven’t really decided on which ones. What model is Verminator using?

    Wallowa, huh? It’s almost worth the 6 hour drive to head out there and find you guys. B-)


  2. mike says:

    just moved to oregon from nw indiana, lookin to do some squirrelin. need places to go, i am used to there being seasons august-dec31, would be nice to do some year round exterminating to hone shooting skills!

  3. ray jr says:

    What happened in wallowa boys. Lots of squirrels in vegas. should plan a trip

  4. rasta says:

    i know this is an old link and that no one has commented on this for a while but if some one reads this i live in south eastern WA and would love to know where this valley of ground squirrels is so that this springs i could have some good shooting i am assuming it is on the way to blue wood but thats a long road any way if some one reads this specifics would be great or even a general area thanks


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